The Importance of Oil

The modern age of rapid transportation, industrial manufacturing, and globalized economics is relatively new in terms of human history. Only since the 18th century had man even been able to fathom anything of the sort. The western European Industrial Revolution changed the world in many ways; none of which is more important than the introduction of mass fossil fuel usage.

Yes transportation, manufacturing and global economies could have risen by other mean. However, they would never have spread as quickly or as powerfully without the aid of fossil fuels. Although coal was the first fossil fuel used to power this revolution oil is the pinnacle of modern energy usage. It is easy to undermine the importance of this finite yet powerful resource in our society.

Oil is used in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Be it a simple task such as making breakfast, driving to work, or even getting dressed; oil dictates our ever move. Oil is not only the driving force behind the machines that create our consumer goods, but it is also used in the goods themselves. Look at todays industrial machines and it is hard to find one that does not run on some form of oil. Whether it be the machines creating our goods, or the vehicles that transport them, our who mode of production is based on the use of oil.

But make no mistake oil is also crucial to the products themselves. Bi products of oil are used heavily in the production of plastics, make-ups, and even some artificial food preservatives. Although man has not always been reliant on fossil fuels, oil in particular, they have become a vital part of our every day lives. Be it the plastic case of your cell phone or the car that will drive you to work, oil is used by nearly everyone in some form or fashion.

Oil has been the cause of some of our biggest breakthroughs and our most dreadful downfalls. Everything from moon landings and the spread of food to starving peoples to the formation of terrorist groups and the start of wars can be attributed to the importance of oil. This is because oil is finite. One day it will run out Hopefully we will be able to find a new source of energy to fuel our age of modernity. Until then, however, no one can deny the extreme importance within our world.